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  Gaia Ethnobotanical has gained a big name as a kratom vendor in the kratom industry. They have a large number of kratom strains with a unique variety of strains. They get the kratom which is harvested under their observation for sustainability of the whole process. They are the best vendor of white, green, red and yellow kratom strains and based in Florida. They have been recalled by FDA in 2018 for having salmonella in their products and they have an announcement regarding it on their website. Also they have a low price range for kratom and small sample packs at a cheap price.

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  According to many customers gaia ethnobotanical has the purest and finest kratom strains and products. They harvest kratom under the special observation for the sustainability of the process by which kratom is harvested and processed. They use fresh dried leaves of kratom from southeast Asia. 


Products and price

  Gaia Ethnobotanical offers kratom powder, capsule and teas. The customers can choose the products which they like most whether it comes from indonesia, thailand or malaysia. They have 37 products of kratom which is quite a big range of strains.

They offer 11 types of herbal teas. Main strains they provide are mentioned below;


  • Maeng Da
  • Bali Gold
  • Green Dragon
  • Elephant Kratom
  • Purple 8 in 1
  • 50x Black Diamond extract
  • Red Bali
  • Ganesh Maeng Da

The vendor offers very low prices with good quality for example; white borneo in a 28g pack is sold at $5 and 1kg of kratom costs $130. One sample pack of three strains costs $10 while another sample pack having 7 strasins costs $30. Also you can choose your strains which one you want to try while other vendors do not offer this to the customers.


Cashback guarantee

  Gaia ethnobotanical offers a refund policy in which a customer can return the product if they don’t like it or are not satisfied. They can return it without any cost and will get a full refund.

This offer is just to make customers comfortable about the quality of the product.

About shipping

Gaia is known as one of the best online vendors for fastest shippings. Like if you order within the USA they will deliver your order the same day. Sometimes it happens that you get your order the next day but it’s quite unusual.

Payment policy

Payment can be done through debit card or credit card. They also offer the payment policy via Cryptocurrency.

Customer care

The customer care by gaia is always ready and available to help you out in any case. If there is any problem regarding your order or in selection of any product, they will surely guide you. They are available 24 hours. There is an option of email through which you can contact them or there is a number mentioned on the website to contact them and get your issue resolved.

Gaia Ethnobotanical recall (FDA)

Gaia recalls all of its customers voluntarily to discard all the products which were manufactured between 18th-30th march 2018, under the  Lot No.: 0102031800. The samples were tested by FDA and there was salmonella present in the kratom powder which is dangerous for human health.


  • High quality kratom
  • Affordable price
  • Sample packs of your own choice
  • Same day delivery within USA
  • Return offer
  • Cashback guarantee
  • Observed harvested kratom
  • Freshly dried leaves used for strains
  • Wide range of products
  • Blends and mixtures special
  • Many happy customers
  • Helpful customer care


  • Website gets down oftenly
  • Presence of salmonella in products
  • Customer reviews cannot be seen
  • Many people don’t like the quality of Maeng Da
Maeng Da Kratom

The Positive Effects Of Consuming Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom dose is always used for various functions both in people of all gender, age, characters, among others. However, there are the effects realized by their consumers, and here, we will look at the overall impact of Maeng Da Kratom to its users. For Reference Visit:

It Enhances Mood

When you use Maeng da kratom dose, then it will give you enthusiasm and thrilled you deserve. You will, at some point, be very peaceful at the end of the day.

It Boosts The Energy

You can be able to achieve the perfect day with Maeng Da Kratom, and mostly white Maeng Da will give workers more time to work for extra hours. The users of this kind of Maeng Da consume it so their strength can be increased and they will have productivity in their work. To know more about kratom strains and their effects visit here.

When they are absorbed in the prescribed dose, then white Maeng Da can be able to increase the metabolism as well as making you stronger when you are engaged to a hard job. It will always boost the users’ energy provided they are consumed at their small dose.

An Anti-depressant

It can sooth the users’ nerves hence remove all fatigue and laziness. It helps its users also to avoid any form of losing interests as well as removing all depression symptoms where you can enjoy life as a rational being.


The Maeng Da can offer stimulating strain due to the alkaloids it has. When the user consumes red Maeng Da at its prescribed dose, then it will affect the delta opioid receptors, which give one a calmness sense. However, when it is taken in a large dose, it will affect mu opioid receptor whereby it gives one an effect of sedation. Finally, the user will work tirelessly and think clearly without using many efforts.


When the Maeng Da is consumed and boosts its users’ energy, it motivates them to continue with their work.


After one can drink Maeng Da, he/she can calm down, and this gives them a sense of calmness. They can interact with one’s nervous system positively, then make them entirely focused on their work. One can hence have a peaceful sleep as well as gaining a productive day.

Addiction Withdrawal

The Maeng Da happens to be so beneficial when consumed since it offers opiate withdrawal symptoms. It reduces one’s cravings since it interacts directly with his/her opiate receptors. It can help one when copping up with several effects due to drug withdrawal, which can be emotional trauma. It is excellent for reducing various physical withdrawal symptoms, which include cramping and nausea.

Most people like consuming Maeng Da Kratom because they are of positive effects in their bodies.

Kratom Tea

Where And Why To Get Kratom Tea

I love drinking kratom tea to help keep my energy up. I drink coffee too but sometimes want a change. The kratom tea makes it simple for me. I love drinking the tea now because I feel like I have a lot more energy naturally and lately had been feeling very sluggish. I think the kratom is really helping me and I plan to keep taking it if I keep seeing results. I order it online and the kratom tea gets shipped to me to my house. By ordering online I can save my time and get it brought right to me, that really helps me a lot.

The tea is easy to make, takes minutes, and I can enjoy a daily dose of kratom. Taking kratom tea is very easy and a good price too for me. The options online for kratom tea are many so anyone looking for some will not be let down because there is a lot of options out there. The tea has brought me energy even though I did not think that it will, it still worked. Very happy about that. On top of the benefit, I also like the taste of it too. There are different kratom strains out there on the market so different tea as well.

Finding one that works for you might take time but it is worth it because the tea can provide so much benefit. Good help with more focus, energy, there are lots of people who have been helped greatly by taking it regularly. Kratom is natural and for that reason many people love it and the benefits it offers. Finding it is not that hard if you go looking online first before anywhere else. This is a good way to save time and money and it will bring up many options right away. Ordering is easy and within days the kratom tea could be there.

Some have also taken kratom tea for depression and pain, anxiety, there are many stories people share online about how kratom helped them. Everyone is different and one might not work for another but if it does work then you cannot really put a price on that. The help could be priceless but it takes time to try and see what will work, each body is unique. Searching for quality kratom tea is going to help make sure you get the most that kratom has to offer.

Order something that comes from a trusted source, something fresh, that will be delivered on time when you need it. There are kratom teas and suppliers out there that can meet those needs. If you are looking for help with energy or something more, a natural substance like kratom could help because it has helped others but you won’t know until you try. It is up to the individual if they want to explore the potential here with kratom.

Kratom Review Of Quick Kratom Delivery

If you cannot find kratom where you are then you should go online and buy it instead. I want to share my story, this is my Review about ordering kratom. I read that it might be difficult to find so I was happy to find it online and from a site that would deliver to me right away. I looked around and they’ve got a bit of option but I was mostly focused on the kratom capsules.

I ordered a few to last for a few weeks and just wanted to see if it might do anything. I already placed a second order and I think I will continue to order whenever I run out of them. I have found that the kratom has made me feel much better, I have been feeling miserable for a long time. It’s natural and there are not many risks because of that, so I am not worried about taking kratom regularly to see if it can help.

buy kratom

I want to be sure that I am sending my money somewhere good that is going to give me what I need and with this site that is what I found. The product came right away to me and that made me want to order again. It was a quality product and you get exactly what you want for the money.

Once I placed the order I forgot about it but before I knew it the package was at the door for me. This site is now my go-to place whenever I want to find some supplements and I’ve recommended it to others as well. For my Review, I just want to stress that I am so happy to have found a kratom supplier. I was worried about not being able to access some and I hope they continue to sell because I will continue to buy.

The kratom is a natural supplement and I didn’t see any result until I started taking it for at least a week, but now that I have been taking it longer I feel that it has helped even more. My doctors have given me a variety of things to try and help with my pain but nothing was really working.

I thought I would look elsewhere and look for a natural option with kratom and try that. Now that I have been on kratom I have stopped taking other medications and for this, I am truly happy. Because those other pills had side effects but I haven’t found that with kratom and will continue to buy. For my Review, I want to stress that this site offers great kratom deals, better than I found anywhere else. I will be back as soon as I run out of my next few capsules.

Maeng Da kratom

The Health Benefits of Maeng Da Kratom

Various plants are used in the treatment of multiple illnesses and symptoms. Kratom is one of the leading herbal families used for treatment purposes. One feature that makes the kratom family stand out is the fact that these medicines do not possess any side effects. Therefore, they are deemed to be safe for human consumption. Maeng Da kratom is one of the kratom families that are highly used in treating different ailments.

What is Maeng Da Kratom?

  • This type of kratom is found from the tropical southern parts of Asia and Bali. It is much finer in texture as opposed to other kratom families.

What are the benefits of Maeng Da Kratom?

Improves brain functions.

  • If you feel drowsy or tired all the time, you should try out this type of Kratom. It is packed with high quantities of alkaloids which help to boost the brain functionality hence enabling the consumer to stay awake and alert for long hours.krat
  • The best part is that you can consume the Maeng Da kratom in smaller quantities since it is quite powerful. Note that the right time to drink the Maeng Da Kratom is during the morning when going to work or school.

Maeng Da Kratom effects

Energizes the body.

  • Maeng Da kratom helps one to work for longer hours. How? The compounds on the herb help to simulate the body system by eradicating fatigue.
  • This in return helps the body to remain active and energetic for a long time. For energy boosting purposes, Maeng da kratom suits people who work in the offices and those involved in manual jobs.

Enhances concentration.

  • One of the reasons that Maeng Da kratom is safe for students is its ability to improve one’s focus. This is also a benefit for people who spend the majority of their time on a computer. Maeng Da kratom helps the brain to calm and avoid the stress which occurs as a result of excessive use of the mind.
  • This in return helps a person to have a better concentration, and focus on their work. Avoid taking this strain at night as it can interfere with your sleeping patterns.

Numbs pain.

  • If you are suffering from a headache or any form of pain, you can consume the Maeng Da Kratom to reduce the pain. The alkaloids in the plants help one to manage the pain since it provides a relaxing mood.
  • Also, the fact that the plant does not have any side effects makes it suitable for people who experience constant pains.


Maeng Da Kratom is one of the best and most recommended herbal strains from the kratom family. It has fewer effects and helps to improve one’s functionality. Make sure to consult a doctor regarding the best dosage to take since too much of the strains can result in insomnia.

For Reference Visit:

Best Kratom for Euphoria

Euphoria is one of the most significant and noticeable effects associated with kratom. In addition to this, its extracts have powerful health benefits like distinct euphoric experience. This is the main reason why kratom is loved by many people. People who use this plant are reported to have a pleasant feeling.

What is Euphoria?

Euphoria is described as the state of overall, joy, happiness and well-being or a state of intense commitment, ecstasy, physical and mental excitement. These strains have potent stimulating properties, making the effective for inducing euphoric activities. Generally, it is a wonderful feeling that many people yearn for.

How Does Kratom Cause Euphoria or Boost Mood?

All types of kratoms are not euphoric, but there are different types of highly-stimulating strains that can be used for euphoria. Other foods such as chocolate are known for inducing the same effect. The extracts obtained from the leave of this plant are loaded with active compounds known as alkaloids. Alkaloids can easily bind themselves to the cell’s receptors after entering the bloodstream. This, in turn, stimulates the body’s sympathetic nervous system. Once the system is stimulated, a signal is sent for it to release endorphins which are special neurotransmitters that provide an analgesic effect and euphoric sensation.

Effects of Ingesting Euphoric Strains of Kratom

  • Boost endurance and stamina- most laborers use it to ensure harsh working conditions.
  • Better concentration and focus.
  • Lifting one’s mood and increase the level of energy, making it an effective mood enhancer.
  • Achieve a calm and stimulated state of mind.
  • Better concentration and focus- This is the main reason why you find people who are handling complex task using this herb.

Kratom Strains that Induce a Euphoric Feeling

The effects produced depends on the level of tolerance of a person and the type of strain used. Most people use green and white strains to achieve a high euphoric experience. The levers of this herb have potent stimulating properties. The following are the most effective kratom strain for enhancing mood and euphoric activities.

Green Malay– This is one of the traditional strains derived from Malaysia. It is known for inducing deep euphoric experience, lasting for several hours.

White Borneo– This type of kratom is very popular among people who want to lift their mood.

Maeng Da– This is another potent strain of kratom that is known for offering total euphoria. Its users are reported to have an intense level of euphoria. It should, therefore, be avoided by first-time kratom users.

All these types of kratom strains have nearly the same effects, but they have different quantities of alkaloids. The following are some of the highly active alkaloids; 7-hydroxymiragynine, mitragynine, and mitraphylline.


moon kratom review

Reasons Why Moon Kratom is a popular vendor

For a while now, kratom business has been growing fast due to its energizing and relaxing effects. This organic tree is mainly planted in some areas of the Asian continent like Malaysia and Thailand. It has been a magical solution to many health problems. Today, you can shop or purchase kratom in many formulations and strains. The market is full of capsules, kratom powder products, and oil extracts.

Because of its intricate nature, kratom is now being sold by many vendors. Many of these vendors have specialized in marketing and producing various forms of kratom. Selling online is being used by many vendors, but you must choose a reliable kratom vendor. Moon kratom is a reputable vendor who sells excellent kratom products. Let’s see the reasons why Moon Kratom is the best and say no to disease

Customer Service

Of course, customer services is one factor that defines the sales turnover in every business. If services are remarkable, even new customers will feel attracted to the vendor. This is a strategy that Moon Kratom has been able to maintain. First, it easy to email and contact them via Moon Kratom people will always ensure that all customers are happy and satisfied. Most importantly, they dedicate themselves to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices. According to customer reviews, Moon Kratom brings excellent customers service on the table.


It goes without saying that Moon Kratom has good image and reputation in the hearts of kratom users. Fantastic customer services have contributed to their reputation. One thing is that the staff will answer your questions with no hesitation. Also, another factor is the quality that they provide. Their products are of great value when it comes to delivering results. Even those lowest priced products are of great quality, that’s a fact. The kratom supplied is said to be light, fresh and fluffy and in powdered form. If you want to deal with a promising vendor, let Moon Kratom that vendor.

Varieties, coupons, and deals

The vendor in the name of Moon Kratom has everything you need. Their products are everywhere and will meet your budget. If you are buying in bulk, a discount is always ready for you. Also, the retailers and wholesalers who get their kratom from Moon enjoy incredible discounts. This doesn’t only apply to expensive kratom products, but also the cheap products from their stores. As you order your product through a newsletter, they will obtain coupons codes and make sure you access their products. Here are varieties of kratom products they sell:

  • Green Malay Kratom
  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Thai kratom

Quick contact and response

Contacting Moon Kratom is now easy for everyone. They use different ways to make sure you access their products and services. You can use email, call or message them anytime you need their services. Moon Kratom has active emails and addresses. They also have a Facebook page that reaches many peoples globally. Therefore, keeping in touch with Moon Kratom is straightforward.You might be interested in opms

Final Thoughts

When a kratom user is looking to inquire top-rated kratom strains at affordable prices, they should choose Moon Kratom. Their reputation is excellent, customer service is promising, their sites are exceptional and their offer varieties of brands. Also, they have shown willingness to answer your questions. Their store is extraordinary. Finally, they will deliver the products right to your home.

kratom best places

Is Kratom Legal in the United States? | Best places to buy online

Some people who decide that they want to try kratom, a tropical evergreen plant whose leaves can be used as a recreational drug and as medicine, wonder about its legality. So, is mysterious plant legal in the United States? Well, the answer isn’t so simple. Basically, it depends.
In the U.S., kratom is not a federally controlled substance. However, state and city legislation comes into play, depending on where you are.
Kratom is not legal in Vermont, Tennessee, Indiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia. The cites that have so far banned the plant are San Diego, Denver, and Sarasota. Other cities are sure to take a ban into serious consideration in the years to come.
What do the authorities have against kratom? Well, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) says that people who consume it for its supposed medical or health benefits are better off being guided by a health care professional. The FDA also claims that the plant has abuse potential, calling attention to the nation’s opioid epidemic.
However, the FDA seems to have an uphill battle when it comes to fighting kratom. In 2016, when the FDA tried to fast-track the effort to put the plant on the list of Schedule 1 drugs, alongside substances such as heroin, the agency faced very vocal pushback.
Thousands of people mobilized to oppose the FDA. The agency backed down and decided it would simply do more research.
If you’re wondering about “kratom near me” and whether or not it’s legal, check your local laws before buying.